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Q: What’s the big idea about porcelain veneers?

A: Well, briefly, porcelain veneers do everything that dental bonding can do plus much, much more. Veneers can completely transform your entire smile into an entirely flawless and self-designed thing of beauty. Not to mention, this will allow your teeth to remain strong and functional as ever! Denali Family Dental Center has the cosmetic dentist locals trust for all of their veneer needs.

Q: Should I try sedation dentistry?

A: Conscious sedation is a great option for people who are anxious or downright terrified of dental procedures. We offer both oral and intravenous dental options, both of which will allow you a gentle, monitored, controllable relaxation in our chair. Of course, we don’t think our dental procedures are scary and we want you to feel comfortable all on your own. Even so, dental work can be intimidating especially for someone who is staring down a complex dental treatment. We understand. If this is you, we have sedation dentistry!

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If you have missing teeth which need replaced, please don't wait! While the appearance may or may not be of any concern, the structural integrity of your mouth & teeth is at risk!!


Invisalign is a revolutionary option for patients wanting straighter teeth. They are removable for cleaning & eating, comfortable to wear, and entirely invisible! Try this product today!

Emergency Dentistry

If someone you love encounters a dental emergency, waiting for a weekday or for normal business hours may be a risky option or not an option at all. Fortunately, we are here to help!

Dental Implants

You can elect to have teeth replaced because of the appearance of the gaps. However, there is an even more important reason! Did you know missing teeth can be adverse to your health?? Test

Periodontal Disease

Gingivitis/periodontal disease is a serious problem that affects your gums. If your gums are bright red or you see blood after brushing or flossing, you may be demonstrating signs of periodontal disease!

Sedation Dentistry

There is no longer any reason to be afraid of the dentist. Even more so, there is no reason to let your fear stop you from imperative dental care! Sedation dentistry can relax you enough for your anxiety to subside.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea affects thousands of people and is not uncommon for both men and women. Its effects include loss of sleep, snoring, sinus issues and more. If you are losing sleep due to snoring or loss of breath, contact us.

Teeth Whitening

So much of what we do in life is inadvertently yellowing our teeth. From coffee and tea, to tobacco, to many acidic foods, your enamel is eroding. Fortunately, we can help!

Root Canals

Root canals are often pegged as one of the scariest dental procedures and are, thus, the most avoided. This is a major problem! Don't avoid care! We can make this the gentlest, easiest procedure you've had!

For a New Patient Special

Free Exam, Consultation

& 1 Set of X-Rays

$249 Value

Limited Time Special!

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